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Rules of Discipline

1. The principal is vested with full powers to look after the routine academic and administrative matters, in addition to the existing rules. The principal may frame rules and regulations from time to time which deems necessary for the smooth running of the institution.

2. The Principal is competent to take any appropriate action as deemed fit in exigencies to protect or maintain general discipline, prestige and standards of the institution and all such decisions are final and biding on the students.

3. No meeting or program shall be organized by the students in the college premises without obtaining prior permission from the Principal.

4. Students should appear for all the internal examinations conducted by the college, failing which punishment will be given by imposing a fine. The same will be utilized for student welfare activities.

5. The academic progress and punctuality of students will go a long way in the development of their career. As such we solicit the earnest co-operation of parents from time to time.

6. No student shall be allowed to mobilize any student organization within the college premises. If they do so , the Principal may suspend or expel or rusticate all such students.

7. If any student is found guilty of misbehavior, the principal at his discretion may take any action such as imposing penalty, suspending or rusticating student from the college.

8. Students are expected to co-operate with the college authorities in maintaining the neatness and cleanliness of the college building.

M.Thirupathi Reddy

Secretary, Correspondent

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